Ancillary Services

Growing your Primacy medical clinic and offering a full arsenal of ancillary services at one convenient location is efficient, effective, and ideal for both you and your patients.

Primacy has secured mutually beneficial partnerships with established organizations to ensure Primacy clinics are equipped with the most up to date and relevant medical offerings for your patients.

These added benefits help Primacy establish a competitive advantage over other medical office spaces that do not offer these valuable additions. Ancillary services such as sleep apnea contribute to the reasons why more than 6 million patients choose a Primacy medical clinic each year.

To learn more about your local Primacy clinic and the services they offer, please select the clinic location you are interested in on the Primacy Locations page.

Learn more about our current services with our established strategic alliances by following the links below.

  • Sleep Apnea

    Sleep Apnea Services

    Atlantic Sleep Apnea is partnered with Primacy to provide our clinic patients with knowledge and help with sleep disorders .